PM Press über ›Der kurze Frühling der Räterpublik‹

UNRAST VERLAG Pressestimmen PM Press über ›Der kurze Frühling der Räterpublik‹

»While the author himself concedes that the book ›will bring to light only few unknown facts‹, the story is told in an innovative way: Schaupp chronicles the events in the form of a journal, starting on the eve of the militant strikes that shook Bavaria in January 1918, and ending in September 1919, with the legal persecution of council republic participants still ongoing. Schaupp puts three personalities at the center of the story: Hilde Kramer, a young member of the German Communist Party, the socialist playwright Ernst Toller, and the anarchist Erich Mühsam. It is an enchanting and highly readable book.« – Gabriel Kuhn, PM press, Januar 2018


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